The Tactical Aerial View System provide above the head real time aerial observation system for ground force in open and urban areas, equipped with a Day and Night (Thermal) Camera.

Immediate activation by one push button by the operator, autonomous flight to desired altitude and automatic track & follow the ground observation unit, to provide a constant above the head real time aerial observation to the force on ground.

A Tactical ruggedized compact Control & Monitoring Unit, can be attached to the hand of the operator and allow a quick and responsive action to any threats spotted in the perimeter of the force by the TAVS.

The field proven TAVS is appropriate for Ground Force operations where real-time video observation and surveillance capability is of utmost importance.

  • 100% autonomous
  • Automatic Track & Follow the Gourd Control and Observation Unit
  • Day and Night (Thermal) Camera
  • Camera View Radius of 200 Meters @ 100meter Altitude
  • Wind resistant up to 42 knots
  • Flight Endurance of 1 Hour
  • Construction Carbon / KevlarTM /\ VectranTM
  • Accurate Autonomous Soft-Landing
  • Above the Head Observation System
  • Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Convoy Security
  • Perimeter Security