The AirCam is an advanced DROBE Surveillance System that provides real-time day and night (Thermal) video stream to a Ground Control Station. Complete autonomous operation with long endurance and low weight make the AirCam the best cost-efficient solution.

 General Features

  • Flight Endurance between 60 – 80 min.
  • ManPack System
  • Propulsion System 4 electric motors and propellers
  • Digital Communication, telemetry and video downlink
  • Simple, compact, lightweight & modular design
  • Ruggedized, dust and rain proof
  • Designed for ISTAR missions
  • Dual day & night (Thermal) camera
  • Ruggedized & ManPack Ground Control Station
  • Dimensions 55 cm x 55 cm x 32 cm
  • Wind Limit 16 knots.
  • Operating Altitude 200 Meters
  • Operating Temperature -10⁰C to +50⁰C / -50⁰F to +122⁰F
  • Storage Temperature -15⁰C to +60⁰C / -60⁰F to +140⁰F
  • Battery Charger In Car and std. socket 220V/110V