Sky Eye – High Altitude Camera Mast System

SkyEye is a revolutionary Power-Tethered Drone System for exceedingly long-endurance observation system, provides large aerial terrain continuous monitoring. Advanced aerodynamic platform with VTOL capacity, always connected to an advanced Microfilament cable, empowering the SKYEYE system with DC power and Data Management.

Skyeye is equipped with a cutting-edge Day & Night / Thermal camera and advanced monitoring software. The surveillance remote camera operation in elevated position reaches up to 500 meters altitude and provides an extraordinary amount of precise information by covering large areas, clear of terrain obstructions. The operator gains an immediate high altitude observation system without the need to operate a flying aircraft – the camera operation are the only focus of the operator.

We, at TMIL-SYSTEMS, the Leading global provider of system integration services, deliver proven end-to-end security, defense, and communication networks and the newest, state of the art homeland security solutions:

The “Microfilament” Technology Cable which connects the SkyEye Drone to its Power & Control System, enables reliable, consistent high-speed data and continuous power to the Drone for a continued un-limited fly time. The Microfilament Cable enables the Drone to elevate up to an altitude of 500 meter above the ground, thus providing its operator an Immediate High Altitude Observation System.
Tactical Aerial Surveillance & Monitoring Systems enable anywhere-anytime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR|) at 500 Meters altitude with a payload up to 5Kg and “Follow Me” Mode for mobile application.
  • High altitude camera position system
  • Constant power supply to the flying platform
  • Rapid Deployment Intelligence, less than 10 minutes
  • Immediate Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities
  • Can be used from vehicle, boat and fixed Installations
  • Deployment VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing
  • Structure of advanced carbon fiber
  • Wingspread: approx. 1131 mm
  • Height: 540 mm
  • Payload: up to 5Kg
  • Engine – 4 HP Electrical Water proof engines
  • CFD ultra low noise propellers
  • Autopilot System
  • Protection Degree: All weather
  • Replacing a vehicle mast system, Skyeye will operates at Max. Altitude of 500 meters
  • Equipped with Day/Night/Thermal monitoring system or any payload up to 5Kg
  • Deployed in less than 10 minutes, silent operation & minimal signature.
  • “Follow Mode” – allow operation of Skyeye while ‘on the move’
  • Immediate High altitude observation system up to 250 meter
  • Equipped with Day/Night/Thermal monitoring system or any payload up to 2.5Kg
  • Deployed in less than 5 minutes, silent operation & minimal signature.
  • Designed for Man-pack application.
  • Consistent Observation System from an altitude of above 500 meter
  • Equipped with Day/Night/Thermal monitoring system or any payload up to 5kg
  • Integrated with C4 Control & Command Center
  • Designed for Border Control, Safe City and more…

SkyEye is the true ‘Real Time Observation Systems’

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