The Active Floating Bulletproof Vest is a tactical flotation body armor vest against threat level NIJ. IIIA, III and IV, designed for maritime security, waterborne police and government personnel, providing the perfect balance of positive flotation and ballistic protection.

The Vest incorporate an active buoyancy system provided through an inflating bladder CO2 pressurized Gas Cylinder which can be water automatically operated or manually operated.

  • Made with high quality fabric, specially designed for heat, rain and humidity.
  • Durable & Washable Fabric.
  • CO2 pressurized Gas Cylinder (replicable) as buoyancy system.
  • Manual floating systems, Blow tube for manual inflation and deflation
  • Ergonomic shape ensures perfect body fit when lifejacket is inflated.
  • Buoyancy – from 150N to 275 N
  • Front & back ballistic protection.
  • Easy-care, Salt water-resistance, outer shell Reinforced drain holes.
  • MOLLE System wrap-around vest.
  • Advanced Stand-Alone light armor plate provides NIJ Level III protection.
  • Ballistic capabilities NIJ Level III according to STD 0101.04 / NIJ.III
  • Protection from Caliber 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm, 5.56x45mm Ball, 9x19mm/0.45/0.40.
  • Weight 1.25 kg Thinness 18 mm.
  • Excellent multi-hit performance (6 Shots).
  • Comfortable multi-curved design