A Pro-Combat Vest with pockets for Ceramic plates – Made by high density nylon material of Cordura 1,000 as per Military standard – The Vest is equipped with quick-release buckle for wearing and is fully adjustable in size.

Ammunition feeders are used on a variety of 5.56, 7.62 and 12.7/0.50 gun systems for manpack and vehicle mount, for routing linked ammunition from an ammo box to the weapon quickly and efficiently

  • mmunition box attached to the back of the vest
  • 850 bullets inside the ammunition box
  • Any type of linked ammunition (5.56, 7.62,.050)
  • 4Ft Ammunition Feeder
  • Other lengths are available
  • Including all pouches and accessory holders shown in photos
  • Custom made orders are available
  • Weapon to Feeder adapter
  • Any type of machine gun
  • Color: Black/Green/Camouflage
  • Weight: 1,500g