The Lightweight Motorized Weapon Ring-Mount can be easily mounted on almost any vehicle, with a self-weight of 70Kg, it allow the vehicle to maintain its maneuverable capacities and does not impact the vehicle center-of-gravity while being equipped of the state of the art remote operated weapon systems.

The Weapon Ring-Mount is powered through a built-in rotary slip ring, rotary servo & elevation Electric Piston that connects to the vehicle power source and allows the Weapon Ring-Mount a rotation of 360 degrees continually and Tilt range of -20º to 80º.

Equipped with a Day and Night (Thermal) camera calibrated to the installed weapon and an inside-vehicle control system, the Weapon Ring-Mount allow the operator to remain inside-vehicle while engaging the enemy.

  • Ruggedized Control Station and Monitor
  • Simple operation with Ruggedized Joystick and Trigger
  • Rotation of 360 degrees
  • Tilt range of -20º to 80º.
  • Easy vehicle integration and installation
  • Supports multiple weapon systems
  • Gun shield and Gunner protection Plate