Combat equipment is designed to facilitate and enhance the capabilities of armed forces operating under various field conditions. It is imperative that such equipment be modular, lightweight, easy to use and flexible in order to ensure a smooth, effective and secure operation.

Ammunition feeders are used on a variety of 5.56, 7.62 and 12.7/0.50 gun systems for man-pack and vehicle mount, and serve for routing linked ammunition from an ammo box to the weapon quickly and efficiently.

The Ammunition Feeders are equipped with a high-strength polymer body which comprises the main structure of the feeder.

The coated stainless steel on the interior of the links guides the linked ammunition smoothly through the ammunition feeder assembly.

Our user-friendly design allows the user to service or adjust the ammunition feeder quickly and easily.

  • Routes linked ammunition safely from ammunition box to the weapon
  • Flexible and light weight
  • Supports any type of linked ammunition
  • Support any type of Machine-Gun
  • The Ammunition Box can be packed separately from the weapon
  • variety of platforms, including man-pack ground vehicles and aircraft

The Prime Man-Pack is a Combat-Vest equipped with an ammunition box containing up to 850 bullets and an ammunition feeder, relaying linked ammunition from the ammo box to the weapon.

The PRIME Manpack provides an individual soldier with longer duration continuous Fire Power via  a flexible and durable feeder that is adapted to any combat scenario and heavy-duty usage. The PRIME Man-pack replaces the standard ammunition magazine pack used today.

Easy to use and allows total tactical flexibility for the soldier – The Man-Pack has been designed to grant its operator maximum mobility and comfortable usage while reducing the frequency at which the ammunition magazine needs to be replaced.

A pro Combat Vest with pockets for Ceramic plates – Made out of high density nylon material of Cordura 1,000 as per Military standard – The Vest is equipped with quick-release buckle for wearing and is fully adjustable in size.

  • Ammunition box attached to the back of the vest
  • 850 bullets inside the ammunition box
  • Works with all calibers of linked ammunition (5.56, 7.62)
  • Includes all pouches and accessory holders shown in photos
  • Custom made orders are available

An Ammunition Box installed inside the vehicle that contains up to 4,000 bullets that are relayed to the weapon mount via our flexible feeder.

Easy to use and enables total tactical flexibility for the weapon mount – The weapon mount has been designed to grant its operator maximum mobility, while reducing the frequency at which the ammunition magazine needs to be replaced.

Weapon Ammunition Feeder

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