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OPTIMUS overhead dual-axis stabilized lightweight Remote Weapon Station (ARWS) Integrates a Surveillance Imaging System and a Weapon remote operation mechanism.

The weapon station provides the operator with internal crew cab protection by means of full remote operation for medium and heavy caliber machine guns. The large field-of-view Thermal & HD CCD Sensor and a Laser Rangefinder enable the operator to identify the enemy at approximately one kilometer. These advanced features allow the fighter to detect and control the threat at extended ranges before the enemy can react.

The remote controlled Light Weapon Station is constructed in a completely modular design to meet the military standard, Being Totally structure protected, The Optimus is completely wrapped with armor protection plates increasing its survivability even in close combat scenario.
Through the standardized interface, weapons of 5.56/7,62/12,7 mm calibers can be integrated quickly and safely. The interface and operating software permits the weapon system to be changed within minutes.

The systems can be employed on all vehicle types / fixed stations, border defense and also autonomous systems.

The system comprises a remote mechanical weapon mount system, stabilized-platform for vehicle application, high-resolution CCD color camera with zoom, a powerful thermal imaging device and a laser rangefinder, a rugged portable monitoring and control PC, controlling the weapon mount, safety and trigger actions.

The system allows a high elevation of the aiming angle which offers distinct advantages within urban mission scenarios.

The efficient combination of weapon options, high grade optoelectronics and stabilization guarantees a fast and precise reaction to threats, even when on the move.


  • Remote operation from inside the crew cab or other protected areas.
  • Fully stabilized light-weight platform operation provides shoot on the move capability.
  • Can be used on all types of military and civilian vehicles
  • Can be installed on fixed Installation and operated in distance
  • The Light weight allows it to become a soldier Man-Pack system
  • Incorporated internal battery for ‘stand-alone’ application
  • Totally protected: The Optimus is completely wrapped with armor protection plates increasing its survivability even in close combat scenario.
  • Easy to use and provides reduced training time

The system is totally protected / armor proof, thus immeasurably upgrades the survivability and capacity of the system even in extreme 'close combat' scenarios.

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